Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27, 2015 ~ Week 56

I don’t feel fat but two of my pants ripped this past week.  One of my pants ripped at the thigh area, just a little bit and the hole wasn’t to big so I stitched it up.  Everything was all good until I was playing soccer with the youth and the pants ripped all the way to the knee.  Good thing I was using my Sherlock Holmes coat so no one could see the rip.
The other pair of pants ripped in the room late one night as I was trying to pick up a box on the floor and when I squatted really fast.

This past week, President Zobrist announced during the zone conference that every companionship needs to have hot showers in their rooms.  And if the boss of the apartment complex says no then you have to change rooms.  We can’t even get water pressure in our showers so on a short notice we moved out of our room.  We found a new room that is smaller than our old but at least there is water pressure in the showerhead.  If you have even seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer buys a new pressurized shower head to have hot water but it back fires on him.  The same thing happened to us because our water pressure shoots out bullets that are frozen, the water is colder than a room temperature bucket bath.  Stay tuned, hopefully we will have hot water soon.

The mission is good and things are going great.  Today is Peru’s Independence Day.  In the streets there is parades, celebrating, and children marching with pride.  As for my pentionista
that means, arroz chaufa, causa, and Inka Kola so today shall be a fantastic day.

Chau chau

Elder McCook

words of the week: conseguir- to get
                               agua caliente- hot water
                               duchar- to shower

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