Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 10, 2015 ~ Week 58

 This past week the bar b q that we did for the leaders in Matarani went great.  All of the leaders that were invited, attended.  The activity was going great. We started with a little training session lead by my companion and I and we talked about the importance of being a leader.  During our training session someone was supposed to be outside cooking the meat but no one was and so after the training and the games we had to wait a bit for the charcoals to heat up. 

Every Friday for the past month we have gone to the church to play volleyball to get the youth ready to play in a district activity that was this past Saturday: 3 branches playing soccer and volleyball.  Our youth got dominated in soccer but for volleyball we put up a fight.  Me and my companion didn’t play in the district activity, but I was a referee.  The Young Men’s President from the Mollendo branch didn’t show up so I took them under my gringo wing and led the under dogs to the championship, but we lost to the other branch.  Matarani has been really good at helping our youth investigators and less actives.  We have a handful of them and the young women’s president has been helping us a lot.

Chau fam

Elder Mccook

words of the week: activity- actividad
                               bar b q – parrillada

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