Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 18, 2016 ~ Week 94 ~ Pictures

 Yulis Baptism!!

April 18, 2016 ~ Week 94

We had our zone conference this week, 2 hours of learning and then some Peruvian pizza, thought we could try something different because every time there is a zone meeting the go to lunch is chicken and fries.

we had splits with the members, and by members it’s pretty much just the same mission preparing youth that always accompany us.  They are going to Bolivia and Ecuador for their missions.

Elder Nicholls was sick for 2 days this past week, ironic because he turned 20 months old this past week, so to celebrate we went to a Chinese restaurant. which will probably be the last time he gets anything with shrimp for the rest of his mission.
On Saturday Yuli was baptized!!!  Elder Nicholls got to baptize her.  Don’t worry she didn’t get sick.  She received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday after a little bit of unneeded confusion. #ThankyouPMG

After church a man that we knew from Arequipa brought in his investigator friend who belongs to the Israelite religion.  He is my first ever Israelite investigator.  The first interaction I had with an Israelite was in Camana, I mentioned that in my letter the week of.

Ciau Ciau

Elder McCook

April 11, 2016 ~ Week 93 ~ Pictures

Ate at Chili's for the first time in the mission!

April 11, 2016 ~ Week 93

Elder Nicholls and I spent more time out of our area then in it this past week, due to Mission Leadership conferences, traveling, baptismal interviews, and Arequipa visits, and then to top the week off, there was no church or meetings of any kind on Sunday due to the Peruvian presidential elections, it was a slow week as far as proselyting goes, yet a fast one due to how busy we were helping this great zone out.

Enjoy the pics.

Elder McCook

April 4, 2016 ~ Week 92 ~ Pictures

Watching General Conference in English!!

Some of our first listeners..

We are spending the day in Arequipa. loving this weather!!

April 4, 2016 ~ Week 92

Hey familia,

Highlights last week are:

Elder Nicholls and I are having so much fun working out here and being companions.  Pretty sure we will be best companions just because now as I am coming to the close of my mission
I know who I am and what I need to do.  We tried to watch all the conference sessions in English with a laptop, however Sunday morning we couldn’t, so Spanish it was.  It was super special to hear the prophet announce a SECOND temple in Lima, Peru!!  
Elder Christofferson translated his own talk to Spanish in his own voice.  It is so much better watching conference with the original voices.

We also rescued an old less active family of 5 this past weekend!!

This next week is voting day in Peru so it’s illegal to have any type of organized reunions on Sunday so Church is canceled.  
We are going to Arequipa on Wednesday and Thursday for the mission leadership conference.

It’ll be 2 weeks without the sacrament, and Sunday we won’t be allowed to leave the room.

Enjoy the photos.

Bye ciau

Elder McCook

March 28, 2016 ~ Week 91 ~ Pictures

Matching jerseys with the district!!

March 28, 2016 ~ Week 91

Hey family,

Everything is great this week!! there were transfers this past week and I was made zone leader again.  My companion is Elder Nicholls and he is from Utah.  I am now in his area. What happened is that there are 6 missionaries in our branch and Elder Nicholls and my companions were just made companions and Elder Nicholls and I were made companions.  In his area as the zone leaders and we are opening up the “ZONA MAJES”!!
It should be pretty cool.

Elder Nicholls will be finishing his mission in 3 transfers so I imagine that he will be my last companion!!  I can’t believe we had a transfer like this but it was just what we wanted because we are both friends.  Elder Valverde will just be with Elder BajaƱa in the other room across the hall.

We are so happy!!

Bye Ciau

Elder McCook