Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 7, 2015 ~ Week 75 ~ Pictures

Bringing Disneyland to Peru.
A sister in my ward made the Nemo beanie for me.
 (and he's got a little fin too).

With President Zobrist and the Christmas tree at the mission


Two sister missionaries from Ecuador!  Their traditional

clothes are 
pretty sweet!!

Duverli right before his baptism!!  Our ward mission

leader baptized him! :)

Selfie after the baptism!!

Elder Pascual and I after the mission council meeting

December 7, 2015 ~ Week 75

Huntendo finished this week off with 0 confirmations and 4 rescues.  However, there were two baptisms.  They weren’t confirmed because Saturday and Sunday was filled with Stake Conferences.
Duverli is 19 years old, he was one of the first people I had met when I got to Hunter in September.  We meet Duverli because a member showed us to him.  The first appointment was interesting because Duverli did not believe in God.  Until we taught him how to pray and have a relationship with his Father in Heaven.
Me and my companion went the day before his baptism to go buy a cake and soda for his baptism at the store I saw some candy called Chin Chins that look like M &M’s so I
bought them and when I opened them, and grabbed a handful they tasted like dirt, worst rip off
M &M’s I have ever eaten...

English Stories:
I saw this tall English looking guy with a beard in our area and we made eye contact and I asked if he spoke English.  He said "not a bit".  It made me laugh.
Elder Lorensen, Elder Olsen (who is a good friend from Camana but is now in our zone) and  I were in the center of Arequipa at this plaza called “The Plaza de Armas”, and we
were just roaming, and this old man who looked like doctor eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog series came up to us and told us in Spanish "hello my American friends from Joseph Smiths army" Elder Lorenzen told him that we aren’t American and I told her that we weren’t from Joseph Smiths army either, the man asked us well where were we from, Elder Lorenzen told him we were from Germany and I said we were from Jesus Christ, (pointing to His name on our plaque). The old man was so confused as we said our byes.

So with the Christmas season upon us, the church has started a new Christmas initiative. It is called, “A Savior is Born”There is a video involved with this initiative as well and it is
excellent. This really is such a great time to take a minute and reflect on this past year. Go watch the video and pray that you and I will have many missionary moments to share with a stranger about Christ this Christmas.

Elder McCook

November 30, 2015 ~ Week 74

My pentionista, as I have mentioned in the past is kind of new, but what she can’t seem to understand is that I like to eat breakfast as a king, lunch as a knight, and dinner as a peasant.
I have told her this before but she just piles the food on top of food, like "would you like some more lunch with your lunch that you have not finished?"

So when I say “sorry sister I couldn’t finish”’ her and her husband tell me I’m going to get sick because I’m skinny.
 I’ve gained like 20 pounds in the mission, I’m not sure what else to ask
for ha-ha.  But then when we visit people, they ask me how I stay so fit and they
do not believe that eating healthy is a way to maintain your body form.

It’s funny.  Arequipa members are pretty interesting because it was never like this in Camana or Mollendo.

So this last November week Huntendo had 2 confirmations and 9 rescues  to finish up November with 11 confirmations and 18 rescues. That’s wonderful.  

 Elder McCook