Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 16, 2016 ~ Week 98 ~ Pictures

The cathedral in 

Elder Nicholls and I after MLC

MTC group photo after the mission leadership council

May 16, 2016 ~ Week 98

¿Que onda?

This past week we went to Arequipa to have our mission leadership conference, and this Tuesday we will have the zone conference to report what was taught.  The focus this past conference was contacting and family history.  I’m excited that the Tucson Temple will have their open house and dedication soon, but as for the Arequipa temple the ground breaking hasn’t even been announced.

At least there is a legit reason to come back to the mission in about 3 years for the temple dedication, at least that’s what I tell members, as they ask me if I will ever come back to Peru.

Love y’all

Elder McCook

May 9, 2016 ~ Week 97 ~ pictures

 Pedregal roads

Snow over there, heat over here


This dog always follows us.

May 9, 2016 ~ Week 97

Changes were this past week and 2 of the 6 missionaries in this branch are getting taken out, so it appears that the work just doubled as far as missionary work is concerned.   Now there are only 12 missionaries in the zone.  

Elder Nicholls and I are still companions and I will finish
my mission as a zone leader however the mission president has made us the District Leaders as well.  

Every Tuesday we will have to teach our district a class and watch over their needs and goals.

This week we will have our MLC in Arequipa as well.

Enjoy the scenery of Pedregal!!

Elder McCook

May 2, 2016 ~ Week 96

We rescued another less active family this past week!!  The father accompanied us on some visits, we hopped on the back of his tow truck motorcycle, I got to get a pic of one of those things.

This past Sunday was another great meeting in church                     attendance for members and all for all the people that we are teaching.

We traveled 2 hours on Friday with Elder Nicholls to go and have 
a baptismal interview.

I was able to interview her, it was very special, her baptism will be 
this week.

See you on Sunday!!

Elder McCook

April 25, 2016 ~ Week 95 ~ pictures

La zona majes!

The 6 missionaries from the Pedregal Branch

Owner named the store after me



With the pentionista

April 25, 2016 ~ Week 95

It was an Elders birthday on Monday, he had 3 cakes which 
followed the Peruvian tradition of getting his head smashed into the cake (also a McCook tradition…)

Elder Nicholls and I have found our rhythm with working past week.  We had a great week as far as lessons go, and to top it off we had 25 people in church that are under our care.  We were able to rescue a less active woman who use to be the relief society president.

There was a mistake made during sacrament but instead of overreacting, it made me realize that everyone participating is a convert to the church or a rescue and is less active.  The special thing is that their children are born in the covenant.

Pedregal is growing.  In my interview with President Zobrist he told me about the progress that Camana, Matarani and Pedregal are making to expand.

The branches are special.

Love ya

(22 months on Sunday. see you on the next one)

Elder McCook