Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 18, 2016 ~ Week 94

We had our zone conference this week, 2 hours of learning and then some Peruvian pizza, thought we could try something different because every time there is a zone meeting the go to lunch is chicken and fries.

we had splits with the members, and by members it’s pretty much just the same mission preparing youth that always accompany us.  They are going to Bolivia and Ecuador for their missions.

Elder Nicholls was sick for 2 days this past week, ironic because he turned 20 months old this past week, so to celebrate we went to a Chinese restaurant. which will probably be the last time he gets anything with shrimp for the rest of his mission.
On Saturday Yuli was baptized!!!  Elder Nicholls got to baptize her.  Don’t worry she didn’t get sick.  She received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday after a little bit of unneeded confusion. #ThankyouPMG

After church a man that we knew from Arequipa brought in his investigator friend who belongs to the Israelite religion.  He is my first ever Israelite investigator.  The first interaction I had with an Israelite was in Camana, I mentioned that in my letter the week of.

Ciau Ciau

Elder McCook

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