Thursday, April 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 ~ Week 91

Hey family,

Everything is great this week!! there were transfers this past week and I was made zone leader again.  My companion is Elder Nicholls and he is from Utah.  I am now in his area. What happened is that there are 6 missionaries in our branch and Elder Nicholls and my companions were just made companions and Elder Nicholls and I were made companions.  In his area as the zone leaders and we are opening up the “ZONA MAJES”!!
It should be pretty cool.

Elder Nicholls will be finishing his mission in 3 transfers so I imagine that he will be my last companion!!  I can’t believe we had a transfer like this but it was just what we wanted because we are both friends.  Elder Valverde will just be with Elder Bajaña in the other room across the hall.

We are so happy!!

Bye Ciau

Elder McCook

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