Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 ~ Week 55

Remember Cornelio?

We have been passing by his house almost every day to check on him and also because he said that on the 15th of July his 2 children who are
members of the church that live in Utah would be in Peru.
Last night after one of our appointments we passed by Cornelio’s house to see if he was home,  we rang the bell and out comes a nice woman who was his daughter.  I have been waiting eagerly to talk to his children and when the moment finally arrived I had no idea what to say, in English or Spanish.
Last night we got to know his daughter and her husband who are both Peruvians but live in Bountiful, Utah in the 5th ward.  They are converts and were sealed in the temple.  They are
visiting and supporting their father and will be here until the 29th.
As we were talking, Cornelio left to go answer the phone, he came back and told me that his son wanted to talk to me.
On the phone I heard the voice of a man who lives in Layton, Utah and has not been able to visit his father yet because of passport problems, but his voice was filled with love and he asked me
to give his father a blessing.
The spirit was strong and that moment was real.
This past week I was able to work a lot on my mi familia pamphlet and it is seriously the best.
I love family history.  This Thursday we will be traveling to a mission conference and there we will be talking more as a mission about family history and about obedience.
Families are forever.  The church of Jesus Christ has every step and
every ordinance ready for every worthy member.
Elder McCook

words of the week: BendiciĆ³n de salud- Health Blessing
                                hijo- son

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