Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 22, 2015 ~ Week 51

Happy 19th birthday to me!

Next week I will have been serving a full year in the mission field.   I don’t know if I could ever deliver a masterpiece reflection email that could describe 1 year of a new life in the mission field.

Maybe that’s why there are 52 other emails on my blog that my mom (it’s actually dad) edits every week because I forget how to spell words in English and this Spanish computer underlines every English word I write.

The list of things that I like about Peru, or the Peruvian traditions, is pretty short.  I appreciate a lot of the things here, but you know what?  Peru taught me that Christ should be your fountain of happiness.  Not the food, your companion, the people you teach, or the internet every Monday.  Nothing temporal should be a fountain of happiness because your fountain will just drain out. Eventually you will have a new companion, new pentionista and a new area, but Christ will always be there because He Lives.

As for this past week:
Peru gave the best father’s day gift yesterday as a city called Trujillo had a temple dedicated.  President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came down, and although they had a translator with them to translate their English to Spanish, I could understand them perfectly in English, so that was nice.

Yesterday we just stayed the whole day in Mollendo and attended the temple dedications and also last night I got to have a baptismal interview with a husband, for he and his wife will be baptized this Saturday the 27th.  The zone is planning to have another white night; also Elder Alvery and I are planning for Ricardo to also be baptized this day, so please pray for him.  The story about Ricardo is a long one, but basically he is from Cusco, and in Cusco all they talk is Quechua, it’s an old language that is slowly going out as Peru is becoming more industrialized.
So Ricardo is learning to speak Spanish because is birth language is Quechua.
Elder Alvey and are trying to speak Spanish cause our birth language is English.  God works in mysterious ways but here we are with Ricardo.  Pray for him!

Ill be sending some more birthday photos and info next week!

Elder McCook

words of the week: temple dedication- dedicación del templo
                               happy birthday- feliz cumpleaños
                               happy fathers day- feliz día del padre
                               one year- un año
                               Christ- Cristo

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