Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2, 2015 ~ Week 31

I turned 7 months yesterday in the mission field and Elder Ramos turned 2 months.  We are gonna celebrate by trying to search for donuts.  It’s been a long 7 months without a single chocolate glazed, but with how Camana is, I doubt if we will find one. 

This past week was pretty fun; it was the very first time I have ever given a special prayer for a boat.  After having a family home evening with some of the people we teach they told us that the husband was going to start his new summer job which is to give tour guides over in the beach of Quilca, I have sent pictures of the beach before.

It’s summer here in Camana or in other words straight up apostasy, I thought the states were pretty bad with what people choose to wear when the temperature rises but here in Camana… yikes.  The people here are not very pleasing to the eye.  It’s quite the joke between missionaries to say that Camana is an apostasy. 

As for missionaries in the summer, it’s a little different.  My missionary tan lines have reached a lobster color kind of red.  I would say my skin has been toasted but I haven’t seen a piece of toast  in 7 months.  I have thought about going out and buying sunscreen but as I went to the store all I saw were knock off brands of the best way to bronze (tan) your skin, but wait, Peruvians are bronzed?  

Yeah I don’t know but the sunscreen options aren’t very helpful for us gringos. 

Speaking of gringos, Camana is actually a big tourist destination for gringos.  It is easy to spot gringos because they all seem to walk throughout the town with their North Face backpacks, I’m not talking about the kind of backpack you go to school with I’m talking out the kind a 12 year old deacon takes with him on his first trip to scout camp.  Like what do these gringos have in these bags that are so huge?  I saw a gringo this past week that had on a cowboy hat bigger then Walker, Texas Ranger. Chuck Norris would be proud of my gringo amigo. 

Well that’s the life here in Camana.  It’s a new month and Elder Ramos and I are looking forward to this month and to have a lot of success.

Maybe this letter made you laugh, and if so that’s good because the mission is very stressful, and as district leader here in Camana my stress level has only gotten higher, but with Christ nothing is impossible.

Do something awesome this week, but include Christ with it.

Elder McCook

Words of the week: apostacia- apostasy

                                 verano- summer

Here's a picture of the boat we prayed for, as your eyes guide your attention to my batman socks allow me to apologize in advance because it was p-day and after p-day we went straight to our appointment and I forgot to change them...

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