Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 16, 2015 ~ Week 33

So last week after writing, Elder Ramos and I wanted to go and find some futbol jerseys.  We went with Elder Estela from Chiclayo, Peru and his comp Elder Zibetti who is my friend from the CCM. We walked into a store and everything was just expensive, after throwing up the deuces we were walking in the market when a man and his business companion had all four doors to their car open and were selling futbol jerseys for dirt cheap.  Cristiano Ronaldo would be proud that I bought his jerseys for the equivalent of 4 American dollars.  Elder Ramos and I bought matching jerseys.

A few nights ago as we were preparing for bed, fireworks went off about 30 feet from our room, Elder Ramos was surprised when he told me that it is not my birthday yet, and there are fireworks. These fireworks continued for about 5 minutes, then started the loud music and loud voices, it woke up our neighbor and so we asked her why they are having a party over there.  She explained that Habitat has parties every weekend, and every weekend is a different holiday for Habitat. This past week it was the birthday of the street called Villa Linares.  All the neighbors were having a swell old time.

On Saturday the counselor of the branch called me to ask if I would give the talk the following day at church, without time for me to ask for a topic, the call ended.  Elder Ramos asked me what I was going to share, I told him of the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 84:85, and that in the moment I would know.

That Sunday morning I walked up to the pulpit with my Book of Mormon and Bible and just opened my mouth.  It was a little awkward at first simply because I am now speaking Spanish like an Argentino, which is totally different from the way Peruvians talk.  And even Elder Zibetti my CCM homie is jealous of the way I talk.  Thanks to my companion "El Che" Elder Ramos, from Argentina.

I started my talk with the scripture from Doctrine and Covenants 84:85 and told them that I have been watching the branch and attending the branch for the past 7 months and now as I stand before them today and it is 9:47am that the Lord will give me the words they need to hear.
The Lord as always fulfilled His promise and I received many positive compliments from the members.

After giving the talk I thought I could just go throughout the meetings and help my investigators and less actives that are in attendance, however after the sacrament meeting the branch president asked if I and Elder Ramos could teach the class Gospel Principals, pretty sweet, 5 minute notice.  Before the class could even end, the elder quorum president asked if I and Elder Ramos would teach the Elders Quorum class that was about to start.  Pretty sweet, another 5 minutes notice.  It was pretty much a McCook and Ramos show yesterday as we participated by teaching in all of the meetings and classes.

The rama Camana has lots to change before it can progress.  They have an attitude of "missionaries do this, do that"
I love service, but it would be nice to establish a house of order.

Also yesterday I ate my very last Blue raspberry Baby Bottle Pop.
So if you happen to read this letter, send some ASAP to:

Elder McCook
Av Ejercito 710
OF. 702 (Edificio El Peral)
YanaHuara, Arequipa

Nah, I joke but, yeah.


Elder McCook

Words of the week:  
The Book of Mormon- El libro de Mormon
The Lord always fulfills his promises - El Señor cumplí siempre con sus promesas 

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