Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015 ~ Week 34

It’s always fun every Sunday bringing Brother Salomon to church. Seriously, if he can load himself with one foot into the van and exit the van with our help and be rolled into sacrament meeting, then anyone can go to church.  It is always fun to see that after sacrament meeting, I take him to the next class, Gospel Principals and then I set up the chairs.  I always put him in the front row, and I briefly leave to go and do other things. Upon returning, I see that Brother Salomon always seems to scoot himself to the back row.  What a funny man, however what was shocking for me was when we took him back home and rolled him to his backyard he asked me to fill up a cup full of water, there was no water around but I just saw a bucket of dirt liquid, he asked me to fill up the cup, never refusing the opportunity to serve I filled up the cup thinking he was gonna wash his hands or something but he chugged that thing in like 2 seconds.

We had interviews this past week with the mission president, President Zobrist.  He started off by saying that I should “buy my lot here in Camana”, it’s a Peruvian slang term which means that on March 8th (cambios), I’ll be transferred to another area. 

It’s been a sweet 7 1/2 months here.  Pretty crazy that next week I will have been in the mission field 8 months.

President Zobrist also complimented me with my Spanish in the end of the interview by saying that when I return in 2 years people will ask me where in Argentina did I serve my mission?  Since my companion is Argentinian, I've picked up the accent.  It’s pretty sick, I like talking like an Argentino but I don’t want to look like a poser, it kind of just stuck on me because of my companion.

Oh yeah its funny cause in my time with Elder Atencio I lost 3 kilos or like 7 pounds. 
But with my time with Elder Ramos I have gained 7 kilos, that’s like 16 pounds!!

See ya next week!!

Elder McCook

Words of the week:  cup - baso
                                 church - iglesia

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