Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 9, 2015 ~ Week 32

This week was a good one, however with my new responsibility as district leader I am finding moments when some missionaries just don’t want to be obedient.

Elder Ramos and I had a great week however.  I am learning more and more about one of the greatest gifts God has given his children.  Albedrio or in English, agency - which is the power that we have to be able to chose what we want.

People will use their agency to obey or disobey, missionaries will use their agency to obey or disobey.

As missionaries we are not perfect but you know what is?  The message we have to share, so if you see some missionaries ask them what that message is.  Because the message is perfect and will answer every question you have about God and His work and His Glory.

In this photo it is of me and my pentionista mama Bethy.  You will notice she is holding a cake, because it is her birthday.  Mama Bethy is one of the most charitable, loving people I know.  For her birthday she made us all breakfast, lunch, dinner and made the dessert, she also fulfilled her other responsibilities as a pentionista as well.

If you will look closer you will see the scratch on my left arm, story time!

On Wednesday we went with our young men’s president to go and teach his niece (she is 16 and less active and we as missionaries cannot teach her alone, it would be inappropriate and uncomfortable so we went with the uncle to go teach her).  We showed up to her door as a surprise, and we couldn’t enter because she was busy.  So we just talked to her for a bit outside of her door.  I was standing up on a hill looking down into the house and my left arm was posted on a cement block that acted as a wall for the house, however the cement block was not very tall but yeah I was just chilling and talking.  Then the uncle told her to go and get some grapes, (she brought us some really good grapes) however while she left to go retrieve them I put my weight on the cement block and the rocks under my feet slipped out and I almost fell, but Elder Ramos caught me.  Falling on us though was the cement block!!  Elder Ramos and the president of the young men used their shoulders to stop the block from falling and I scratched my arm.
It’s funny because the scratch was hot and burning…. but during our following lessons I couldn’t feel the pain, only before and after the lessons.  During the lessons, when we were speaking of salvation, no pain.  Something special about this work.

Ask the missionaries about the message they have, if you’re a member or not, we all need to charge our spiritual batteries when we are running dry.

Have a great week!
Elder McCook

words of the week:
agency- albedrío
grapes- uvas 

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