Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 12, 2015 ~ Week 28

This past week me and Elder Blanco had the great opportunity to eat lunch at José Luis and Hermano Salomon’s house.  We weren’t planning on it but after teaching José Luis who was my first baptism, Hermano Salomon’s wife brought out lunch: a plate full of nasty. I tried to make the excuse that we are sick and can’t eat lunch but my defensive systems were down and the Hermana was on the attack so we sat, blessed the food and ate lunch.  It was impossible to escape the plate of rice, lettuce and french fries. In the Mission Arequipa Peru we are not allowed to eat certain food simply because they are not prepared the same way they are in the states.  On this list of food we cannot eat is lettuce, I told this to the sister but she wasn’t having any of it.  We ate lunch and I was unaware of the fact that Elder Blanco was just staring at the food as we ate. 

He told me after we left the house that he wanted to barf.  He couldn’t take the fact that flies were flying, the stench was stenching, and he did not want to eat. 

I didn’t notice the stench or the flies which made me realize that after 6 months of being in Peru I have adjusted!!! 

Made me happy but my happiness was short lived as we went the next couple of days without running water... I hoped my Peruvian cologne and Elder Blanco’s Axe spray protected the noses of our investigators and less actives during our lessons, yet the flies loved it and they would land on us and buzz our ears during the lessons.

Gotta love Peru!

I’m not sure when I first started talking about the Romero family in my blog letters.  I first met them in September in 2014 and this past week the Romero family has made the goal to be married on February 21st and be baptized on the 24th!  We are going to their house tonight to have a family home evening and teach their son, so that he may prepare himself along with his parents for their baptism.

I love the church and families can be together forever!

Elder McCook

Words of the week: I’m adjusted- estoy acostumbrado
                               Flies- moscas  

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