Monday, January 5, 2015

December 29, 2014 ~ Week 26

I have waited for this past week for years, and here we are, the week of Christmas.  It passed by just as quickly as it came.  As I was able to celebrate my first Christmas in Peru it started off with 
FIREWORKS LIKE BOOM, BOOM, BOOM at 12pm midnight.  They continued for half an hour and I really wish I took a video because they were insane but I was so dead asleep in the top bunk to do anything.  Also I received a nice Merry Christmas call from my zone leader at midnight and my half awake, half asleep response was "bro I’m sleeping" I guess some things still haven’t changed...

As Elder Blanco and I woke up in the morning we followed it up with a nice morning run.  It was actually very good!  Not only because the sun wasn’t shining, but because I only had to kick one dog!  Yes you read that correctly, only one.  Oh yeah and the part about the kicking... I’m not talking about the type of kick Messi would deliver to shoot for a goal but I’m not talking about a little tap either, it was somewhere in the middle.  Oh how I love my morning runs in Camana.

After getting ready, la familia Camana (our zone) went to the church for a Christmas breakfast of french toast and chocolate milk.  A big shout out to the maple syrup that doesn’t exist in Camana... but I was able to eat my french toast with butter and condensed milk.  You all should try it and realize how amazing it is.  Then tell your friends that Elder McCook told you.

As time drew closer and closer for the ever anticipating video chat call to my parents through Skype, I arrived to the church 45 minutes before the scheduled call only to discover no Wifi!  No camera!  And me and my companion were the only ones in the church.  Merry Christmas... after some quick phone calls I was able to Skype my parents, and I was only 20 minutes late to call them!  Gotta love Peru!

 Elder Blanco and I were able to close the night with a family home evening with a family of 5 where the husband is the only person who is not a member.  We watched some great videos from the bible made by the church and we had a great night!

Love you all and I hope you were able to remember Christ this Christ mas

Elder McCook

Words of the week: lets break down the word Christmas.  You got CHRIST and you got MAS well Christ refers to Jesus Christ and mas is Spanish for more.  So in reality you are saying “more Christ” :)

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