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August 18, 2014 ~ Week 7

Week 7
August 18, 2014

This week was amazing!

Last Tuesday, on August 12th, I and 29 other missionaries flew from Lima, Peru to Arequipa, Peru.  After finding our luggage we met with the president of our mission, President Zobrist.

We took a tour bus, where several experienced missionaries told us some information about Arequipa and took us to around the city as well.

After the tour we ate lunch and then President Zobrist read a list of missionaries who would not be in Arequipa for the first 3 months of their mission.  I was on that list!

I am currently in Camana, Peru; it looks exactly like Tucson, Arizona except it has a beach!  I am in Camana with 11 other missionaries, 3 of which friends from the Missionary Training Center. 

My companion’s name is Elder Atencio. He has been in the mission field for 17 months!  He is from Chile and knows some English but we mainly communicate is Spanish.  He is the absolute best.  We live in a one room- one bathroom apartment.  We also have a pensionista.  A pensionista is someone who will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us and will wash and dry our cloths.  We pay her a monthly amount (called pencion in Spanish), hence, pencionista!  Our pencionista is a member of the church and her name is Betty, but we call her Mama Betty!  So when we eat, we go to Mama Betty’s house, which is about 500 yards from where we live. 

Elder Atencio and I live a little outside Camana.  So if we need to go into town we would use a mototaxi.  A mototaxi is a motorcycle with 3 wheels and it has a little caboose on the back half of the bike that can seat 3 people.  I love it!

My first week was awesome!  Elder Atencio and I asked 3 of the people we were teaching if they would be baptized, and they all said yes!  Their names are Jesus (9 yrs. old) Kevin (11 yrs. old) and Jose Luis (16 yrs. old).  The baptism dates will be on August 30th and the 31st! I’m super excited! 

Word of the week: Camana es el maximo- Camana is the best


Elder McCook

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