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August 25, 2014 ~ Week 8

Week 8
August 25, 2014

So some more details:  my area is Camana.  It is the same name as the city.  There are 14 missionaries in my zone: 6 in my district and 8 in the other.  In my district there is Elder Stay, Atencio and Andersen.  Andersen is one of my really good friends from the CCM so we are pumped to be with each other.  Also there is Hermanas Waldren and Garcia, they are absolutely the best.

The money exchange rate is 2.7 - 3 Nuevo soles for every 1 American dollar.  I always buy this package of cookies called Casinos, they cost 2.19 Nuevo soles. And they come in packages of 24.  It is such a steal.  American name brand food items are still the same price as in America.  Skittles are 4 soles… in other words $1.20 in the US, I think.  And toothpaste is so expensive.  18 soles or $6 in the US and I’m 100% positive couponing doesn’t exist so yeah that part is lame.  So please send toothpaste and skittles :)

Inka Kola is the bomb, and Coca Cola is too, but they are expensive compared to the knock off brands of Oro and Kola real.  I also drink Sporade which is Peru’s version of PowerAde or Gatorade I guess.  But it is very good. 

This Thursday my district and I are going to Arequipa for a special devotional, NEIL L ANDERSEN will be speaking, I am so pumped.

So the 30th will be the baptism of Jose Luis, I am not sure who will baptize him, either me or my companion.  On the 31st of August, after church Kevin will be baptized too!  We are hoping for Nefi to be baptized that same day too, but Nefi comes from a part member family, him and his younger brother are the only members.  So we need to get parental permission before we can do anything. 

But all is well in Camana!

Word of the week- Arizona (Arizona)
                            narisona (big nose)

Yes I have accidently said that I am from big nose

Chao Elder McCook

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