Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 ~ Week 13

So this week I went out and taught with my companion and a youth member Rafael, (the 14 yrs old I have sent pictures of him before).  He is the absolute best.   

So dreaming in your other language is supposed to be the sign of fluency.  Well I`ve been dreaming in Spanish since my second year of taking Spanish in school.  I just have no clue what`s going on, so I need another identifier.  Probably dreaming in Spanish and understanding what people are saying.  Not having a way to effortlessly express myself is killing me.  I`m learning more and more every day, but the whole "there`s nothing you can do except wait" thing  is something I don’t agree with.  I’m working hard and not waiting.

The elections here in Peru are crazy.  There are about 10 people that want to be president of Peru.  It’s hard to explain but those that are running for president do not like the missionaries, because obviously the missionaries cannot vote in the elections so we are not worth their time, but it is very fun to say hello to them in the streets because they will not address the missionaries.  They also have their own songs.  They are pretty much the same and the chorus for one of the songs is "en el cinco de Octubre marca de olla" another song is "marca la casa si si" 

With that being said, the elections in Peru are taken very seriously, so serious to the point where no meetings will be allowed on voting day.  As I mentioned before, voting day is the 5th of October or in other words- general conference.  I AM NOT GOING TO WATCH GENERAL CONFERNCE UNTIL THE 11 AND 12 OF OCTOBER.

A new motto I have come up with is that you cannot stop the word of God.
So when I see someone in the streets I will not let whatever is occupying their attention keep me from saying hello.  Whether it be the phone in their hand or the bill of their cap covering their face.

Love you all…. the church is true.

Familia McCook son lo maximo

Elder McCook

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