Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014 ~ Week 4 Peru MTC

Week 4 Peru MTC
July 29, 2014


This past Saturday I went proselyting again.  Last time I went proselyting I went to the houses that were on the mountains with a Latino missionary who did almost all of the talking, simply because I could not convert the words I could have said in English to Spanish.  I was anxious to know who my companion would be this time around, and I ended up getting a brand new elder who has only been at the MTC for a little more than a week.  So, I knew that would mean I would be speaking the majority of the Spanish, even though my Spanish is far from perfect.  So this new elder and I prepared a lesson in Spanish, and I felt pretty confident.  But I did know that our first lesson, our first hour of speaking Spanish would be hard.  We went to a neighborhood in Peru.  We went door to door and we spoke to people on the streets talking about the gospel.  But when that first hour passed my speaking Spanish was still incredibly hard.  I felt alone, my companion wasn’t doing any of the talking simply because he could not understand the language. It made me think; how could we teach the fullness of the gospel if we do not know the fullness of the language of the people?  I said a prayer in my head asking for help with speaking this language.  

And this was the answer to my prayer:

Jesus Christ is not asking you to be fluent in the Spanish language after only having 4 weeks in the MTC.  Jesus is asking you to give your honest and best effort.  If there is an imaginary scale, and on this scale your best is only 10% or 20% and you still fell like it is not enough, well the atonement of Jesus Christ paid for the other 80 or 90 percent.  You can apply that statement to anything.

After that answer, Spanish words that I did not even know came to my mind, and I understood what the people were saying.  I was able to reply to them, and carry out and complete a conversation and get my message across.

I love the church.  I love Peru.

Word of the week: La igelsia es verdad (The church is true) 

Elder McCook

I will also share with you my testimony in Spanish:

Mi testimonio en espanol es, yo se que la iglesia es verdad. la iglesia ayudame toda mi vida.  Pro que este iglesia yo se que familias estan juntos. a veces nestros vidas estan difcil, pero con la expiacion de jesucristo muerto es no el fin.  Tenemos un profeta hoy. el nombre es Thomas S Monson.  sus palabras es mi palabras.  Nuestros palabras no es las palarbras de hombre pero de Dios.  Yo estoy in peru por que yo se que jesucristo vive.  Yo no miro jesucristo cada a cada pero yo tengo en me corazon.  Me corazon es de jesucristo. yo creo en el libro de mormon, y el evangelio es para todas las personas en el mundo.

En el nombre de jesucristo.


I’m not sure how well google translate will translate that.  Because speaking Spanish is easier then typing it.

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