Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014 ~ Week 3 Peru MTC

Week 3 Peru MTC
July 24, 2014

As I thought about what I should write about this week, nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary came to my mind.  It made me realize that what I do here in the Lima, Peru MTC is now a daily routine for me. I’m used to the overcast weather from morning to evening.  I’m used to hearing, speaking and learning Spanish.  I’m used to waking up at 6:30 am and to the curfew at 10:30pm, but allow me to say, I absolutely love it!!!!  

I love eating some kind of meat along with rice and potatoes for every lunch and dinner.  
I love starting my day off with a prayer to God every morning at 6:30.  
I love surrounding my life around the Spanish language. 

My mission will not always be this easy.  I am still in the training center.  But a month from now I will struggle, and I will have bad days.  My Spanish is incredibly far from perfect.  I do struggle often.  When days are tough and long, I wonder what home life would be like.  Jeffery R Holland said "when we struggle, are spit upon, hit, threatened….. know that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best this world has ever known…..Jesus Christ." 

Word of the week: lejano de perfecto (far from perfect) 

Elder McCook

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