Wednesday, November 4, 2015

September 28, 2015 ~ Week 65

As September comes to a close the great zone hunter finished up the week with 1 confirmation and 2 rescues to finish up the month with 6 confirmations and 9 rescues...

On Monday Elder Lorenzo and I were just roaming through the Plaze de Armas, the Plaza de Armas is actually a super touristy place and I feel like I see gringos all the time and I just want to say “hi” but
then I overhear them talking in Swedish or something so I can’t really say “hi”.

We were roaming and this American couple said “hello Elders!” That took us by surprise, so we got to chatting and they are the Marriott’s and the husband served his mission in Arequipa sometime in 2000 and ever since the Arequipa temple date was announced they decided to move over here to Peru and wait for it.  In the meantime they own a bakery place with pizza and burgers and donuts.
They live right across the street from the only Family History Center in the whole mission and it turned out great because we had a Family History and learning English training this past Thursday for the zone missionaries, so with permission from President and with everyone in the zone bringing money, we got to eat pizza and had the best donuts of 2015.  Sweet maquina these things were so good, and the last time I ate  donut was almost over a year ago...

Thank you Brother and Sister Marriott!
During this training we learned how to help the members send names to the temple and how to do their families history.  There is now a new church program on how to learn English.  It’s a super sweet program and if I was born speaking Spanish and wanted to learn English I would learn English.

My companion on the other hand is a pretty funny Peruvian.  He doesn’t have any motivation to learn English and so it’s kind of awkward when people ask him if he has learned it yet and he says no.  Being bilingual
is so cool.  The other day I was talking on the phone in English then I hung up and started speaking Spanish. que padre.

I’m stoked for this weekend with the General Conference sessions that will be going on.  Oh yeah the ironic part about being a missionary is
that you are always the last one to find out if an apostle passed away.

This week is changes and president Zobrist said that there will be a bunch of changes.  That will be awesome!!

Elder McCook

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