Wednesday, November 4, 2015

September 21, 2015 ~ Week 64

La Gran Zona Hunter finished the week off with 2 confirmations and 5 rescues! ¡sweet style!

Let’s start with Monday.  After writing we headed out to go and wait for a private bus which would pick us up and we would tour Arequipa.  The bus showed up and only had 12 seats... we have a total of 16 people in this zone..( I’ve noticed as a zone leader that if something like that then it’s always the zone leader’s fault).
After thinking what we could do, all the Latin missionaries bailed out on the tour so us gringos had a sweet time touring Arequipa.  That’s where my pictures come from.

Tuesday I went on divisions with an Elder to figure out the desires of some of his eternal investigators.  I don’t really have any stories about that however that night we agreed to do some sweet service in the morning.  Now in my mission I have made cement, sanded walls, and painted them too, I’ve moved loads of dirt but what we did was the hardest thing in my entire mission.  We show up at 6 in the morning to a forest and this dude is using an electric chain saw to chop down trees and then chop the bark.  Our job was to put the bark on our backs and walk it over to the truck.  We did that for two hours, I was actually surprised I could do it.  In the missionary handbook it says not to do service that will tire you out for the rest of the day.  After the project it was fun to work, but what was bugging me was all the bug bites I received on my legs.  It was like Camana all over again....

Sunday I gave a surprise talk but it was awesome and it makes me so happy for when I get back home and will give talks in church cause I used to be so nervous but now it’s not so bad.  Elder Pascual and I had a sweet week and sacrament meeting was awesome.  In the morning the Sister missionaries had 2 baptisms and then church started.  I was so excited with how many people came to church and that are investigating the church or are less active and are coming back.  In the evening our Bishop invited us to go to a funeral of a sister who was super active but as she got sicker went less active, and she passed away yesterday.  

Straight after the funeral we went with the bishop and other people to go and give a blessing in a hospital to this sister who on my first Sunday here would call me Bishop McCook.  apparently I look like a
Bishop... idk she’s 79 and a super sweet lady who has also been strong in the gospel despite being the only member in all of her family.  It was the first time in my whole mission going inside of a hospital and it was like the very first episode from the walking dead. There are patients and beds in the hall way and there are about 7 sick patients per room.  We eventually found her and gave her a blessing.  It was my first time doing that and I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but people were looking at us ever since we stepped foot in that hospital, I wasn’t too sure if they were looking and my arm or my missionary atire.  Either way it was an interesting experience.

Love y’all, all of y’all

Elder McCook

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