Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 5, 2015 ~ Week 66

Thanks for all the Disneyland pictures, all the Latin missionaries want me to take them to Disneyland when I get back home, I tell them to learn English first then I’ll take them.  Seems like a pretty good tradeoff to me.

After conference Saturday night there was a baptism.  Afterwards we got the changes, and what happened is that the mission Arequipa, Peru went from 15 zones, to 9.   A lot of zone leaders are now district leaders or senior companions, but I’ll continue as a Zone Leaders with my companion, however instead of being 16 missionaries in our zone, we are now 28.  We combined with Mollendo, yeah that’s right, my old zone!  I was there for 6 months as a district leader and I’m so excited to be with them and get to work with the whole zone this time.  There are no Zone Leaders in Mollendo, just 2 district leaders and then 2 district leaders over here in Hunter.  We will be working a lot with the District Leaders as were not able to go to Mollendo every week (3 hours bus ride.  I use to say to President Zobrist, that he has got to look out for the Hunter Zone, (cause we on the up and up) but now I tell him to look out for HUNTENDO.  That’s the names of Hunter and Mollendo combined.

Love y’all

Elder McCook

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