Monday, April 6, 2015

March 30, 2015 ~ Week 39

“Let’s start a riot” was the theme for this past week in Mollendo.
As I mentioned before in past week letters, the riots, or protests, have not ceased.

I have learned some nice new details however.

So apparently the riot was started because a mining company wanted to blow up a mountain to go mine and the natives didn’t want it to happen because it would contaminate the crops.
The water isn’t even 100 percent clean, so might as well save all the rice fields.

I haven’t seen much action but some Elders woke up to the smell of burning tractor tires in the middle of the road and cars have been destroyed, and yeah pretty much your everyday casual riot kind of things.

I remember 6 months ago in Camana how I wasn’t able to watch general conference live because of the elections and it looks like this week I won’t be able to watch it because of the riot.  Taxi drivers are not working because they don’t want their taxi’s to get flipped.   Which is a pretty logical reason to not work.

Edgar and his baptism date fell through this past week, he has been busy with work and we had a lesson with him and he chose his new date of the April 11th.

The new program and video the church made The #GraciasAQueElVive is absolutely sweet, excuse the Spanish I haven’t been able to watch the video in English but it’s just sweet and I love that I get to contact using this inspiring program for this month and for the rest of the year.

Have a great week. Enjoy General Conference.

Elder McCook

Words of the week: riot- huelga 

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