Monday, April 6, 2015

March 23, 2015 ~ Week 38

Currently I am in Arequipa, because today we have training as District Leaders.  It will start today in the evening but I arrived last night because there was a rumor of a riot against the bus terminal.  There was a riot quite some time ago and I heard that the riot burned a terminal down. 

Anyways, I traveled last night and I slept comfortably in a hotel with another Elder who is the other district leader in our Zone.  This morning I had a hot shower and it felt so good after going almost 5 months without one.

This past week in Matarani, we have been teaching this one family, they are really sweet.  The mother’s name is Rosa and she is loving everything.  She has gone to the activities and church and just loves it.  She lives with her 3 children and her 16 year son got baptized a month ago and now she is more interested in the church.  My favorite one in the family is Charli, he is 25 and loves to fish and watch soccer.  He is such a swell guy.

A little more info about Matarani:
It’s a fisherman’s village, more than Camana, I wake up every morning and my view from the 4th story apartment window is just beautiful.  There are no beaches in Matarani, just ports where the fisherman work.  Fishing ends at 5 everyday and it’s kind of hard to find people to teach because they are all out fishing during the day. 

With that being said I am very grateful that I haven’t eaten a lot of fish.  My pentionista, who is a member, likes to mix things up a bit and in this past week I ate guinea pig for the 2nd time of the mission and I also got to eat octopus, it’s so good!!

Guinea Pig still taste good!

Elder McCook

Words of the week: octopus- pulpo 
                             Fisherman- pescador 

Matarani has so many promising houses to knock on.

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