Monday, November 3, 2014

October 27, 2014 ~ Week 17

This week was really great! 

Days seem to go by very fast and the nights are long, simply because at night the weather is very hot because its summer here in Peru.  As I mentioned before mosquitoes are on the attack and since it is hot in the night the door is left open to help vent the room, but it also allows an entrance for mosquitoes and this morning I counted 27 bites! 

Not a day goes by where I don’t love speaking Spanish, the language is so awesome and it is sweet to hear the natives and to just get by with speaking Spanish!

Transfers are next week so I am unsure if I will remain in Camana or be transferred to another city in mission Peru, Arequipa!  I love Camana so much and it is a tender mercy from the Lord that the feeling of Camana is so much like Tucson.  I’m grateful for the work I could do here as well!

I also had the opportunity this past week to baptize one of the people that Elder Atencio and I were teaching!  9 year old Jesus Condorimay!  He has wanted to be baptized for some time now, and his parents finally gave him permission!  It was great to see a change in their heart!  I love my mission and I love speaking Spanish!

Adios till next week!
Elder McCook

Words of the Week: Cambiar de corazón (Change of Heart) 

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