Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014 ~ Week 19

This week in the Mission Arequipa, Peru!  

Elder Atencio and I were able to see la familia Romero!  We have been calling on them once a week, wishing them health, because  Piter Romero has been in the Arequipa hospital. 

On Tuesday morning, as Elder Atencio and I were walking to our pentionista’s house we were able to cross paths with Francisca Romero, wow what a miracle, we had no idea that they were back in town, we were quickly able to talk to her and she agreed that we could visit her and her family later that same day.

So later that day we knocked on the door of the Romero house, Piter answered the door and I was sad to see his entire left arm in a cast.  As we sat and talked he told us that he was in an accident at his construction job and that his left hand was barely hanging on.  Wow that sent goose bumps down my spine.  That was hard to hear, however he wanted us to teach him, we taught about the plan of happiness.  Piter was very excited when we mentioned temples and the sacred ordinances that happen inside, that he can be married for eternity to his wife.  He wanted that, but first we told him that he needs to be married to the law of the land first.

He said that was his goal.  His 3 goals that he wants to accomplish with his family:

1) to be married
2) to be baptized
3) to be married in the temple for eternity.

It was incredible for him to tell us that he wants to be married in December. The Romero family are in my prayers, and that one day they can accomplish all 3 of their goals.

I love this Church and that God has provided a way that we can live with our loved ones forever and ever.

Elder McCook

Word of the week - Tres Metas (Three Goals)

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