Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 ~ Week 20

I love being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Service project at the house of la familia Romero!

So me and Elder Atencio have been working with the familia Romero and this past Saturday we had a service project at their house!  The whole la familia Camana(The Camana Zone) was present and we did 3 hardcore hours of shoveling dirt!  It was hot and the mosquitoes were on the attack but it was so worth it to see them at church the next day!  It was nice to sit with Piter Romero during the classes and help answer his questions.  He also told me a little more about his hand which was nearly cut off. 

He told me that the back of his palm was touching his forearm and it was just dangling by the skin.  Now about 3 weeks after that incident it is a miracle that he has feelings in his fingers and he can barely move them, absolutely incredible!!  He told me that he will go back to Arequipa in 3 weeks for more surgery, at least that’s what the doctor told him.

If you have not seen the movie "The Other Side of Heaven", I recommend it.  We watched it at our branch president’s house after eating guinea pig.  It is about this missionary who goes on a mission to the Togan islands (I think) or somewhere like that.  During his mission his feet are chewed up by rats, no one can pronounce his last name so they call him Kolipoki, and he has a difficult time speaking the language.

It led me to think, and my Chileano companion agreed, that I am the Kolipoki of the mission Arequipa, Peru.

1)       No one can pronounce my name correctly, so I have recently adopted the nickname of Elder Ma Cool people know me as this name and I love being called Elder Ma Cool. Others call me McDonalds, but I like Ma Cool better.
      2)      In this movie Kolipoki was sleeping during the night and as he woke up his feet were bloody, as his companion told him the rats did it, Kolipoki’s excuse was that during the night it was hot and that is why he did not use a blanket.  I have also used the same excuse and a result when I woke up I had mosquito bites, I counted 57 today!
      3)      Of course the language… Spanish is not easy and it is not hard, but the way to know the language is to follow the inspired study programs that have been given to us.

I love the mission, and I love the church, and I love life!

Elder McCook

Words of the week: ¿ Elder Ma Cool - (Elder McCook) ?

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