Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014 ~ Week 21

¡Las aventuras de Elder McCook y Elder Atencio este semana!

Allow me to start this email with a focus on what happened yesterday (Sunday the 23rd).  It all started at 7am, I was the first person to shower.  I haven’t talked much about our bathroom, but it is very, very small, only big enough to have a sink, toilet and shower.

To have hot water in the shower I would have to turn on the light, turn on another switch that heats the water in the shower head, then turn on the shower by turning the knob to release the cold water, then adjust the knob to have hot water with little to no pressure.
As I was showering I heard an explosion right above my head, my first thought was that it was an electrical problem and I was about to be toasted to death. As I took one big leap to the closed door I looked back at the shower head and it was on fire!  I wanted hot water, but certainly not the fire.

As of right now we have cold water... very cold water to shower.  I asked my comp if this has ever happened to him before in his 20 months in the mission field.  He said that it has never happened and I have bad luck, then he called me Kolipoki (if you don’t get that joke read my blog letter from the week before).

After a great 3 hours of church and seeing some of our investigators and less actives at church.  We returned back to our pentionista’s home for lunch.  She was out of town in Arequipa, luckily there were hamburger patties in the freezer so we ate that with rice of course, but before eating that bomb lunch, my companion was in the kitchen cooking when I noticed a chicken hiding in the bushes.  I simply did what anyone else would do in Peru, I threw a rock at this chicken and it ran away, and revealed to me 6 eggs!  Elder Atencio told me to bring 5 and leave 1.  I did as he told me and I noticed one of the eggs was already cracked and broken, and had a ugly smell to it.  He told me I could go and smash this stinky egg on the floor, but a little ways away to avoid the stench that would arrive soon after.  So as I gave him the 4 eggs and took the cracked egg to go smash it on the ground.  I’m not sure what I was thinking before; I was expecting to see egg yolk or whatever.  But as I smashed it on the ground, there was just red.  Red blood and a little chicken, I felt terrible.  But it was already dead so what could I do?

I asked my companion what he is going to do with the other eggs.  He said put them in the fridge, but then I told him about the little chickens inside the eggs, so we went back to the nest only to discover the mother hen in her home.  It took a while to get her out, but we put the 4 eggs back and now everything is okay.

This is just two events that happened this week, and its days like that when you just got to say "Elder McCook, you are in Peru now"

Elder McCook

Words of the week: mi ducha exploto - my shower exploded 

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