Thursday, March 24, 2016

February 29, 2016 ~ Week 87

This past week we were greeted by "rain".  It was the closest thing to rain I´ve seen in Peru.  It was a semi-heavy drizzle.  Everyone was freaking out, people were outside with trash bags on their heads and all the dogs were in a state of shock.  They also turned off all the power.

Days later we went on an hour drive to come pick up beds from an area that was closed this past exchange.  4 missionaries went and there weren’t enough seats in the front so me and my companion sat in the trailer bed.  An hour nap later I woke up sun burned I was so red... the sister missionaries gave me some Aloe Vera plants to cut up and apply to the burn.  I did that for the past 2 days and now my legs are purplish.

The missionaries’ farmers tan is coming in great for this summer.  At least I get to wear a sombrero and sunglasses, this is the only area in the whole mission where we have permission to do so.
We found more than a handful of new investigators.  One of my favorite questions to ask when contacting is (let’s see how this works in English) "have you ever had a religious question in which you have not received a satisfying answer?"

This past week people asked about Sabbath Day observance, infant baptism, and tithing.

I feel so happy to have the scriptural and testimonial knowledge to be able to answer all of the questions, the church is true.

Bye bye
Elder McCook

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