Thursday, March 24, 2016

February 22, 2016 ~ Week 86


This week was slower than the last, my bed situation is the same, I’m still sleeping on the floor and living out my suitcase.

Monday was a good P-day spent playing soccer outside and getting bit up by the tiny skeeters.
Tuesday we went to Arequipa in the morning and spent the whole day there with the zone for our zone conference, it was weird being in Hunter again…8 days later. I also got an ingrown toenail taken out, apparently I got it because I don’t cut my toenails straight and so this nail decided to push against my skin and it hurt to walk.  After a month I got it taken out, and it bled some but I didn’t cry.
Entonces don’t worry.

We went on divisions with the members and our cool return missionary branch mission leader went with me.  He served in Brazil and is teaching me a thing or two in Portuguese…que legal no?
We got a baptismal date this past week and por fin investigadores came to sacrament meeting, but branch council and branch correlation are awkward because we don’t have anyone LEGIT to talk about yet. We only found 2 new investigators this week.  But the branch is good, 142 came to church yesterday, there are plans to become a district.

Hay que trabajar.

Ciau ciau
Elder McCook

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