Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 15, 2016 ~ Week 85

I’m over in this internet cafe and I’m sweating, that’s how hot it is over here...

My companion is Elder Bajaña from Ecuador, he has 6 months in the mission and he is like a shorter and funnier version of the inspector gadget, the movie version...

This week went by slow because we are opening an area.  I have been living out of my suitcase this whole week because there is nowhere to put my things.  President closed an area down about an hour away from here so we have been talking to the missionaries over there too see if
we can pick up their stuff and bring it back to Pedregal, we will see how that goes.

We share the branch with 4 other missionaries, the mission 
president has been talking to me and apparently the branch has 
been asking for another companionship because it wants to become its own district.

Right now we are a part of the district in Camana (my first area).  So my companion and I are the fulfillment of the people’s prayer.  We will see how well we work.
Pray that we will find people to teach.
This week was full of visiting members and contacting.

Elder McCook

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