Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 1, 2016 ~ Week 83

Huntendo finished January up with 6 confirmations and 19 rescues! 

Changes are this Saturday so stay tuned for what happens next
Monday.  Where will my next and last area be?¿?¿?
As far as this last week we went to the hospital a few times for Elder Randall’s toe, he hurt it back at the MTC but 17 months later is only

Getting 3 days of rehab when he actually needs 15.  While we were there for 2 hours, the first day I just sat outside.  The next 2 days I went inside and all the patients fell in love with me, perhaps it appeared that I needed the rehab for my left arm but I was just having fun playing catch with an exercise ball and having fun with Elder Randall.  We had a family home evening and before the lesson started the 2-year-old decided to jump head first on the tile floor from the couch. It was a pretty awkward start...

This past week we changed Pentionista’s.  We were very 
nervous to do it because sometimes they leave the church 
because the Elders don’t want a pentionista anymore, but she took it pretty well.  

Now we are with another sister who is the stake relief society president and she is awesome, I’ve sent pictures in the past, her name is Katy Navarro.

Bye bye

Elder McCook

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