Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2, 2015 ~ Week 35

Happy 8 months!  Yesterday (Sunday) marked 8 months in the mission field.  It was a good Sabbath day. As I have said in past letters it is vacation time in Peru and Camana.  It is quite the tourist sight for the gringos. It was very nice to see a family of 3 gringos at church.  I talked to them after the sacrament meeting and it was such a strange question to hear in English: "How long have you been out Elder"?   It was even weirder to respond in English

Usually when the Peruvians ask me the same question they ask (translating to English) "how much time do you have in the mission?"

Transfers are next week and whether I do or whether I do not have a change (everyone tells me I will), I will continue to work the same because that is what the Lord wants me to do.

I have truly enjoyed my time in Camana but especially my time with Elder Ramos and training him.  Besides studying from the English book I have recently taught him "hey what’s up dock"? And "That’s… that’s… that’s all folks".  I love teaching him English, and in turn he has helped me with my Spanish but especially talking like an Argentino. 

This week we hiked up to the highest point of our area, I had to throw up the peace sign just in case this is my last week in Camana.

A Pocahontas moment.
Can you hear the sounds of the wind in Camana?

At the highest part of my area,
an overview of Camana.

 It’s been a great 7 months.


Elder McCook

words of the week- cuanto tiempo tienes en su misión? 
                                how much time do you have in your mission?

The rice field is green and all ready to harvest.

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