Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 16, 2015 ~ Week 37

Zones in Mollendo? 1
Missionaries? 14
Missionary Districts? 2
Churches? 4
Branches? 4
Serving the Gospel in this part of the world? Priceless

Well, I’m in a town called Matarani, which is in the Mollendo Zone.  Matarani has two elders and two sisters.
I am with Elder Alvey.  I knew him from the CCM.  It’s great to be able to serve the Lord together with him.

My room is like twice the size of my room in Camana.  It is a single room and we have our own bathroom.  We sleep on the 4th floor of an apartment complex.  We have 4 windows in our room and we sleep with the windows open.  The walls are painted orange so that’s cool, the floor is tile and every morning I wake up and see the ocean so that is super sweet. I love our room.  It’s so much better than the room in Camana.  We share water with everyone that lives in our building and since we live on the 4th floor sometimes we wake up and don’t have water.  I shower using a cup and buckets twice this week, so that was a fun first time experience.

I felt this past week that I was opening up the area because we had no scheduled appointments and it was just hard, however we found this one 18 year old named Edgar.  Everything just clicked with him and he is excited to be baptized on the 28th.

I am the district leader here in this zone along with another elder from Ecuador.  I have 8 missionaries in my district and I am very glad that the Lord has put his trust in me to do this. 

Matarani is hard but it has potential.


Elder McCook

Words of the week: Ocean- mar
                                District leader- lĂ­der de distrito 

Oceans port of Matarani.


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