Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May 30, 2016 ~ Week 100


On Monday we didn’t really do anything throughout the day because there isn’t much to do in Pedregal, however we had a great lesson with Dana,
Roselyn, and their family.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and Elder Nicholls and I taught the class because we are in charge of the zone and one of the districts.  We talked about love and the importance of contacting.

Wednesday was Elder Nicholls 20th birthday, we had one of the assistants with us.  We taught double the amount of lessons that we normally teach in a day and the assistant was also able to do some baptismal interviews.  They ended up passing their interviews and after we went and had some big hamburgers at the food truck by our room.

Thursday we went to Camana for a multi zone conference.  The beach air felt nice returning after 16 months.  It was a conference with about 40 missionaries and it was probably one of President Zobrist’s and my last conferences.

Saturday was the baptism of Dana (the mom) and Roselyn ( her daughter).  They were baptized at 4pm Saturday afternoon and it was probably one of my coldest baptisms.  The water was freezing however it was a spiritual experience.  Dana cried during her testimony and her family attended the baptism and they are from Camana (about 1 hour from Pedregal).

Sunday they were confirmed and received the holy ghost.  There was a very good attendance at church yesterday.  It was our branch conference and we had 5 investigators and 8 less actives at church.  We also rescued Richard Garay who was less active for a good time.

We are being so blessed right now.  We have seen a huge change in our area this month of May.  It has probably been one of my best month’s numbers wise.  We finished with 2 baptisms and 6 rescues this month. We still have tons of investigators and less actives to teach that are

Pray for Leandro this week as he prepares for his baptism on Saturday.  We won’t be going to church this Sunday because of Peruvian presidential elections.

So have a good week and Sunday.

Love ya’ll

Elder McCook

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