Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 13, 2016 ~ Week 102

Well here it is:

The last full week of the mission has past.  Full of interviews with the mission president, a zone conference and just packing my bags, and self-evaluations.  I’ve been thinking to myself, "man its really over?"

Not that it passed quickly, but just thinking. I’ve looked forward to my mission my whole childhood, and now it’s over.  Who would have guessed it.

I can’t express it in an email, you’ll just see from this Saturday and on how this childhood dream has been accomplished

We had a baptism this past week to make it a 3 peat.  We left the font running as we went to lunch and the font FLOODED. We walked up to the church after lunch and water was coming out from under the front door.  Good thing the service started at 5 because we were there for 3 hours with no mops, just brooms.  The branch president and young men’s president surprisingly showed up early and helped us.

The same thing happened a week ago as we woke up to no water and left the shower knob on as we went out for the day.

See ya soon

Elder McCook

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