Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 ~ Week 46

I’m back!
Last week I didn’t write a blog letter because not much happened due to the fact that I spent 3 days locked inside of my room.  We were not allowed to leave because the riot
was getting out of our control.  So I just stayed in my room with my companion for those days and studied slept and watched Disney movies.  We were given permission to go to our pentionista’s house to eat.  We were in our street clothes so that we would not draw attention to ourselves, but I don’t think our white skin helped the cause.

The national police arrived this past week and there were about 10 stationed on every corner, armed with their riot shields and tear gas guns.  After talking to a few of them they say they will be here for at least
a month but that it’s an indefinite time.

This week was a week in which we were able to get back into missionary clothes and work!!  Huxton, (one of the less active members that we are working with), his daughter, Jennifer, turned 8 years old this past Friday.  Three nights before her baptism she asked me to give her all the pamphlets so that she could study and be ready for her special day.  She asked me to baptize her, she is just such a sweetheart.

Inspiring question of the week,
How many grains of rice did you eat this past week?
Too many!!!!!
But I did eat this one not so good plate, let me share with you.  It was a bowl of thick gravy soup, called “chunyo” and my bowl consisted of one potato, carrots, vegetables and a thick, thick, thick, brown clumpy gravy.

It was the first time I have eaten it in 10 months so I hope I won’t have to eat it for another 10.
This is life on this side of the Lords vineyard.

Have a great week

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