Monday, May 4, 2015

April 27, 2015 ~ Week 43

I think I need to stop saying that in my blog letters that "it’s incredible what can happen in one week in the mission" 
cause not a week goes by where I’m not just astonished.
Let’s do this....

We have been teaching a less active named Huxton for a 
long time.  During 6 weeks of trying to teach him, we have been able to meet with him twice because we could just never find him in his house and he’s maybe attended church a few times in his life and watched about triple the amount of religious documentaries on discovery so there’s a lot of confusion going on between what’s in the scriptures and what’s on TV.  Recently while he was working, 
he tore his Achilles tendon, and he was in the hospital for quite some time and now he has a cast and will be on his bed at home for the next 3 months.  Since then he has accepted us and wants us to come back to his house every day.  We explained the story of the sons of Mosiah and related it to him. He’s using this time to grow spiritually.  On Thursday me and my comp went over to Villa el Pescador and had a few appointments over there.  The first 
one fell through so we went to the next and it was with 
this 13 year old girl named Yulissia, we went to go find her house with one of her friends and no one was home and so we waited a bit till she came running around the corner with one of her friends.  So we were talking and then her mom came out of the house and started watering the dirt so it doesn't smell (that’s a thing here in Peru people just use the hose to clean the dirt). As I offered 
to help, my friend was talking to the girls about the Gospel and 
I was talking with the mom.   The hose eventually ran 
out of water and so the mom went back inside to get more. Yulissia asked if we could give a Book of Mormon to the mom and write our testimonies inside, sweet stuff, but then before we started writing, 20 boys no older than 10 ran around the corner saying "hello, hello" then they asked for our autographs and shoved their arms up so we could sign their forearms.  It wasn’t the time or placed so we got out of there after we taught them how to say cool in English.  That same night there was a wedding at the church for two members and it was supposed to start at 6pm but ended up starting at 9pm because no one had keys to open the church and it was just crazy. Then as the future wife arrives and gets out of the car so does Huxton!  He ended up walking with his crutches down the wedding line.  It was so awesome to see him show up to church even if it was for an activity.  Then the following day he bore his testimony at church saying he wants to get sealed in the temple with his wife and kids!

I’m going to the temple some day.


Elder McCook

Words of the week: marriage - matrimonio
                                 I will go to the temple someday- iré al templo algún día

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