Friday, October 24, 2014

October 20, 2014 ~ Week 16

Bienvenido a esto email!

As time goes by I feel that my Spanish is improving.  Although I have made but a small dent in the window of the language barrier, I have learned to become a really good listener.  If I do not listen to every word said then I am lost.  In a typical sentence, I can pick up some of the key words and put them together to gather an idea of what the topic of the discussion is.

Also this week me and Elder Garth Hunt (who is currently serving his mission in Mexico) were successfully able to email each other in complete Spanish.  I am thankful for him and for all of those that are supporting us.

It is getting hotter here in Camana, I’m not sure exactly what the temperature is but it is HOT.  Every day is a short sleeve kind of day. 

I have come to learn that summer in Peru can be described into 4 words- attack of the mosquitos.  Today I was able to count 20 bites on my legs :)  But there is another Hermana in my district from California and she counted 37 mosquito bites today!  She said her blood must  taste like dulce (or candy).  I would say my blood tastes like chicken and that is why she has almost double the amount of bites that I have.  Chicken is the main delicacy here in Peru.  Literally every other day we eat chicken.  Yesterday I dodged a bullet- when my pentionista asked if I wanted to eat the foot or the leg of the chicken for lunch…..You already know I replied with the leg.  However I feel that next time I should try the chicken foot.

You know the saying…. when in Peru do as Peruvians do.

Nos Vemos Entonces!
Elder McCook
Words of Week: La Pierna Por Favor (The Leg Please) 

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